Why High-Waisted Jean's Are A Must Have!

Are High Waisted Jean's A Must Have In 2020?


Trends are something that is here today and then BOOM tomorrow they are gone. What are High-Waisted Jeans anyway? The origins of high waisted Jeans started in the 1970s, and if you were raised in the 70s, then you know the sense of fashion was everywhere. Some of the styles stayed for good and a lot of styles we are all glad had gone away for good. Back to the main subject what are High-Waisted Jeans? A high-rise or high-waisted is a Jean designed to sit high on or even above the wearer's lovely hips, most of the time at least 8 centimeters (3 inches) higher than the navel.


After more than 20 years, High-Waisted Jeans have made a comeback, a return, a sense of fashion that was needed, that was revived. A fashion style some of us thought the fashion industry had forgotten about. In 2020, the fashion industry did not disappoint us.

Now, we have all sorts of wonderful designs for these tummy hugging jeans.

Jennifer Lopez looked absolutely stunning on the set of her new movie, Hustlers, and her movie outfit included a pair of super high-waisted jeans. 
jennifer-lopez-high-waisted-jeans-fashion closet clothing

ENT / SplashNews.com


There was also Bella Thorne, fashionable stylish in Chanel High-Waisted Light Stone Jeans bella-thorne-chanel-jeans-fashion closet clothing 

DIGGZY / SplashNews.com



Kendall Jenner has been seen out in a pair of high-waisted jeans, matching with a pair of crop tops. Ashley Graham also spotted with high-rise pants.

Whatever the case is, we all can agree that High-Waisted or High-Rise Jeans have made a comeback. A VERY STRONG COMEBACK TOO!

 The revamp High-Waisted Jeans, now belong to the modern age. The styles can range from just about anything, but my absolute favorite is the skinny ripped design. Can I get an Oh La La!

High-Waisted Jeans/fashionclosetclothing.com

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If you did not realize so far, then I will paint the picture for you. High-Waisted or High-Rise Jeans come in all different designs, taste and fashionably styles, that teens through moms can all find a look that fits their fashion sense while looking all fabulous for the world to admire.

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